Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Updates for the travel and leisure industry

Christmas in the Maldives could be on the ticket to a renovation of England’s ever-changing travel rules. The abundance does not end with the pruning of lands on the red list, which has attracted the biggest and most expensive restrictions. Travelers who are double-vaccinated can give up prior tests and replace each other with a cheaper lateral flow version. This will encourage the sick tourism industry, even if it comes after the summer holidays.

A complex and expensive testing regime — the previously mandatory PCR tests cost an average of £ 75 — has deterred prospective travelers. Visitors to red list countries – three of which, India, Pakistan and Turkey, are among the 20 most popular for visits to family and friends – return to £ 2,285 hotel bills for a 10 day stay. Pakistan and Turkey are removed from this list along with the Maldives and other dreamy places.

The timing matches the school holidays, a popular spot in Britain’s holiday calendar. Travel bookings move on lock and key with changes in restrictions. Chances are high that they are rising at the moment that Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted the changes. Airlines, in turn, have become proficient in releasing extra capacity to accommodate later increases in demand when rules change.

This paves the way for a stronger October. Airlines added 1.6 million seats month-on-month in September, according to the digital flight database OAG, despite the end of the traditional holiday season in Western Europe. A large part of the increase comes from Asia, which starts after the close of August. But flights between the UK and favorable destinations Spain, Italy and Portugal are also increasing.

Holiday operators lament the government of England, which was heavier than that of its European counterparts. Simplifying the traffic light system into just two categories, green and red, and switching to tests available for free on the NHS make life easier for holidaymakers and the industry they serve. Those who are not in a hurry to pack their bags should take the opportunity to pick up some shares of the airline.

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