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A tent experience in Antarctica

White Desert has long been the most important player in Antarctica’s reconnaissance game – a way for the curious that does not involve the dedication, time or training of a full-fledged expedition. His first camp here, Which way Oasis – during the season by plane from Cape Town – opened in 2012 and designed with an entry-level experience in mind. The new camp, Wolf’s Fang, enhances the adventure, both at adventure and distance, in an area that has so far been accessible almost exclusively by researchers and a few hardy alpinists.

A hike from White Desert's Wolf's Fang Camp in Antarctica
A hike from White Desert’s Wolf’s Fang Camp in Antarctica © Marko Prezel

The six tents, designed for two parts, utilize sustainable technology for heating and plumbing. Guests can abseil, ice climb and hike (or ride fat bikes) to any of the surrounding rock pillars along the ice, “day” or “night” – it’s 24 hours of sunlight below, so you can pick the slumber for hours. Then repair to the dining tent for gin and tonic made with 10,000 year old ice. Starting at $ 53,000 for a six-day outing, the season begins Nov. 28, white-desert.com

All-sing, all-dance St Barths

Villa Nureyev on St Barths - the property was built by Rudolf Nureyev in the late seventies

Villa Nureyev on St Barths – the property was built in the late 1970s by Rudolf Nureyev © Yotam Sandak

At St Barths, Charlie and Mandie Vere Nicoll are about as insider as insider gets; the longtime owners of the Hotel St-Barth Isle de France sold the property to Cheval Blanc a few years ago and took over another stalwart on the island, Le Toiny. Now they have one of the best private homes on the island, available for takeover from this fall. The four-bedroom Villa Nureyev gets its name from the famous one-time owner who built the property in the late 70s. In its multifaceted spaces – with walls of simple unpainted wood – much of the original, whimsical decor remains: furniture, artifacts collected on the dancer’s travels, photo albums, even a costume or two. There are two masters and a separate suite with its own deck and a small pool, a lovely open kitchen and a small but perfect spa. The focal point, however, is the large main deck — a 3,000-square-foot space that spans across the Caribbean Islands, with 180-degree ocean and coastal views. That the house is fully serviced by the hotel and a few minutes walk from Le Toiny’s beach club is a bonus. From € 5,720 per night, letoiny.com

Make a Milos from Athens

A bathroom at Xenodocheio Milos in Athens

A bathroom at Xenodocheio Milos in Athens

Lovers of the international stable of Milos Stadium restaurants — and you do not have to live in London, Miami, New York, or Vegas to be one of them — would love to hear that masters of haute taverna cuisine will soon open their first hotel in the middle of Athens. Discussed from 15 October, Xenodocheio Milos sits opposite the old parliament and has no shortage of timeless views – but its 43 rooms offer 100 percent modernity, with light wood floors and panel walls, marble baths, rising ceilings and terraces. Costos Spiliadis, founder of Milos (and wonderful chef), oversees everything, so we bet it will deliver the goods. From £ 310, epoquecollection.com

Louvre prize

A room overlooking Notre-Dame Cathedral at Madame Rêve in Paris
A room overlooking Notre-Dame Cathedral at Madame Rêve in Paris © Jérôme Galland

Paris hoteliers seem to be, all systems are seeing white horse in the historic Samaritaine building. Not far away, in the grand 19th-century Poste centrale du Louvre building, is Mrs. Dream, which makes its debut in November. Since 2013, it has been the passion project of restaurateur and hospitality developer Laurent Taïeb, who has worked with designer Bruno Borrione (the man behind Madame Pic of City of Light as well as the Fasano in Rio de Janeiro).

The 82 rooms and suites on the top floor, several with a terrace directly overlooking the Sacré-Coeur, the Eiffel Tower or the Notre-Dame Cathedral, promise tranquil luxury and high fidelity. On the roof, meanwhile, there is a Japanese-influenced restaurant and about 1,000 m² of planted gardens and terraces. From € 500, madamereve.com


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