Tree for Visa: Mexico Wants Jobs Program, US Provides Relief | Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador News

Mexican President Lopez Obrador and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris have met to discuss immigration growth, corruption.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez plants a tree in Obrador Work program In Central America, he said work visas to the United States should be taken, in immigration talks with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday.

Earlier in the day, Harris said the United States and Mexico must fight violence and Corruption Together, including the root causes of migration to Central America.

“Together we must fight violence, we must fight corruption and impunity,” Harris said.

President Joe Biden led Harris in the move because of increased migration losses to the United States on the southern border from Mexico and the “North Triangle” countries of Central America – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Harris addressed the crisis on the US-Mexico border, which he hoped would reduce it. Relief supplies From the north triangle.

“[M]Aust people don’t want to leave home and that’s often when they do Some damage escaped Or they have been forced to go there [is] There is no chance, ”he said.

Lopez Obrador said he had made a specific offer to negotiate with Harris. He did not elaborate, but told reporters a few minutes ago that the proposal to plant a tree was on his mind.

During the call, the Mexican president commented, “We have a common border of more than 3,000 kilometers. [1864 miles] Long and we need to understand each other and avoid fighting. “

His good relations with both the former Trump administration and the current Biden administration, Locke Obrador told reporters at his regular news conference Friday morning that he also supports Safe transfer.

“If there is a regular, normal and orderly migration flow, we can avoid the risk of migrants being forced to cross our country,” he said.

Earlier in April, when Lopez Obrador raised it at the Washington Climate Conference, the visa proposal for the tree came as a bit of a surprise.

Before the meeting, Lopez Obrador also Mexico has sent the announcement Diplomatic notes to the U.S. government request an grant from an anti-corruption group that criticizes the government for funding. He did not present the request at the meeting.

Harris is optimistic about what the talks will achieve, and if an agreement is expected, Ricardo Zuniga, the US special envoy for the North American triangle, said on Wednesday that the talks would go beyond immigration.

“Considering the totality of our relationship with Mexico, we are taking this kind of commitment,” Juniga said. “Mexico is our largest trading partner … We are deeply connected with them through the economy and, through our price chain and production chain.”

Harris said he will visit Mexico and Guatemala on June 7 and 8. This will be his first foreign trip as vice president.

Harris said last week, “In any case, no matter how hard we try to prevent violence, provide disaster relief, address food insecurity … we will not make significant progress if corruption continues in the region,” Harris said last week.

U.S. facilities filled by underage immigrants are being used to criticize the Biden administration Migration management By both the Republican Party and some progressives.

Most are immigrants Children without the company of a suitable guardian, Some as old as 17 years.

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