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Somehow the very surviving Vincent Price (voiced by Maurice Lamarche) Maggie Simpson reads a story at bedtime "The Teltel Bert".

Although this time Raven has no faults.
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A new season Simpsons Comes with An unobtrusive idea of ​​inevitability At the moment, no matter where you sit The longest running animated series in the United States. But with the new season comes a regular highlight Simpsons‘Most Favorite Bits – Annual “Horror’s Tree House”Anthropology, and this year saw a glimpse at Comic-Con.

The highlight of a bumper-sized panel to tease the upcoming 33rd (!) Season at San Diego Comic-Con @ Home 2021 was a complete inter-world piece from the upcoming “Tree House of Horror XXXXI””, One of the five episodes, above the usual three. As regular guest voice actor Maurice Lamarche starred Vincent Price, The department has seen a story of the Telltale message to Prize MaggieThis time no idol’s head was damagedEd Edgar Allen Poe’s scattering reefs on styling … Well, you know, without Raven. See snippet below!

“Tree House of Horror XXXII” will air on October 10, but the new season will debut before it arrives. Simpsons‘The first full-length musical episode, which is not what the show has been going on for so long, has done a lot of colorful musical numbers over the years As reported by EW, Premiere, “Backstage Stars” this September and the stars will release September Good placeKristen Bell as the voice in Marge’s inner song, when the Simpsons mother decided to celebrate her 20th year of high school music reunion … Y2K bug? Ah, Simpsons‘Shifting timeline strikes again.

You’ll see Matt Selman, Al Jin, David Silverman, Caroline Omin, Mike B. from next season. Check out the rest of the SDC panel above for insights on what to expect from Anderson, Debbie Mahan, special guest Matt Grooming, and Lisa Simpson yourself, Yardley Smith – but really, Opening couch Provide a Simpsons Reef On the war of contemporary streaming. It’s pretty … especially lately Simpsons Something has been dragged out Corporate coordination For streaming battles.

SimpsonsThe 33rd season is starting on September 26.

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