Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Facebook conducts a massively successful digital advertising operation behind its granular sections based on user behavior. Nevertheless, many people actively use its services Not aware How social networks share their data with advertisers. Privacy-centric messaging app to shed light on issues Signal Against this Facebook tried to use the targeted advertising machine. However, what started out as Activism-Meeting-Self-Promotion has since blossomed into a full-blown affair, with both organizations arguing over version of each other.

In this Blog post, Has published a series of in-depth personal Instagram ads with messages designed to reveal intimate sections of Facebook to categorize signal users. The company claims that it has created “multi-variant” ads using social network advertising tools.

One of the ads reads: “You got this ad because you are a Certified Public Accountant in a free relationship. Cardi B from day one.”

All ads look like placards and have riffs on the same message, which tries to reveal the awful closeness of ad tracking technology. According to Signal, Facebook was not a fan of the idea and its ads disabled the account.


“Facebook is not willing to sell visibility into people’s lives unless people are informed about how their data is being used,” the company said in its blog post. “Enough to explicitly ban how ads use human data; the only acceptable use of Facebook in the world is to hide what you are doing from your audience.”

Where Facebook reported InformationAlex Heath said that “this is the stunt of the signal, who never tried to run these ads.” It added that it temporarily closed the company’s advertising account due to a related payment issue.

Regardless of the rationale behind the ads, this is far from the last word in Facebook’s ad targeting practice. Currently, the company is facing a larger threat Apple’s iOS policy changes, For which iPhone app developers must explicitly ask permission to collect their data for ads. Facebook has repeatedly warned that there will be changes Its affected the advertising business And companies that use it for personalized ads.

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