Triumph previews the concept of TE-10 electric bikes with fast charging batteries

British Historic British Motorcycle Victory The first few details are shared on this TE-1 electric bike project, EV’s concepts are revealing images and photos of the prototype drivetrain that will one day make it stronger (via) Autblog). Developed since 2012, TE-1 is a collaboration between Triumph and three other UK agencies, each providing their own expertise for the project with the UK Government. Zero-emission vehicle office Funding.


Trump claims that the TE-1’s electric motor can produce 107 horsepower continuously and top 174 horses. The total range is a 120-mile ballpark for a 15-kilowatt-hour battery that can charge from zero to 80 percent in about 20 minutes. What’s more, the thermal management of the battery allows it to maintain a constant level of output and performance from 100% charge to zero.

If the TE-1 looks like it could go for your traditional theatrical motorcycle, it was a purposeful design decision. “What we wanted to do was investigate how you could build an electric bike that would force someone to consider an electric bike or even move away from something with an internal combustion engine,” Steve Sergeant, Trump’s chief product officer, told Motorcycle news.

TE-1 motor


It will be a while before you see TE-1 on public roads; Trump is waiting for the price of the electronic battery to come down before making the bike. “Even though the price of batteries is going down, they are still expensive, so the bike will come to market when we can get it down to a price that we think people are willing to pay,” he told the sergeant Motorcycle news. Meanwhile, the company plans to begin testing the TE-1 prototype later this year.

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