Trump announces withdrawal of aid to cut Palestinians News from the Palestinian Authority

The Biden administration on Wednesday announced at least ৫ 235 million in U.S. aid to the Palestinians, resuming funding from a UN agency supporting the refugees, and plans to recover other aid that had been cut off from former President Donald Trump.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the package, which includes humanitarian, economic and security assistance, as part of efforts to restore U.S. relations with the Palestinians during the Trump administration.

It marks the most important step for Democratic President Joe Biden since taking office on January 20. Promise To bring back some part of the approach of his Republican predecessor by condemning the Palestinians as intensely biased towards Israel.

Blinken announced in a statement that জাতি 150 million had been earmarked through the United Nations relief agency UNRW, $ 75 million for U.S. economic assistance to the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and 10 10 million for development funding.

“The United States is immediately committed to advancing security, security, and freedom for both Israelis and Palestinians, which is important to itself, but as a way to move forward with a two-state solution to the negotiations,” Blinken said.

The new administration has previously pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to help resume Palestinian diplomatic missions in Washington, DC.

But so far they have proceeded cautiously and are likely to wait for any major step to clear the dust after Israel’s unelected March election, which the Palestinians will follow. Selection Scheduled for next month.

The Trump administration Blocked Almost all aid after severing ties with the Palestinian Authority in 2018. The move has been widely seen as an attempt to force the Palestinians to negotiate with Israel on the terms of a Palestinian leadership identified as an attempt to deny an effective state.

The move comes after Palestinian leaders decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and boycott the Trump administration’s peace efforts, following a decision by the US embassy in Tel Aviv to carry decades of US policy there.

This includes funding relief for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which provides assistance and relief services to about 5.7 million registered Palestinian refugees in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Middle East.


Most of the money recovered will be presented to the UNRWA when separate financial assistance will be provided for development in the occupied West Bank and Gaza through a financial aid fund and through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Congressional sources said.

The plan has been welcomed by the United Nations Start again UNRWA funding. “There were a number of countries that greatly reduced their contribution to the UNRWA. We hope that the US decision will lead others to rejoin UNRWA as donors, “UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric told reporters.

The congressional notice added that Washington would resume security assistance to the Palestinians, the source said.

However, the administration may now be reluctant to resume direct economic assistance to the Palestinian Authority, and Biden’s allies have consulted with Congress on possible legal hurdles, a source familiar with the matter said. The notice to Congress assured lawmakers that all assistance would be consistent with U.S. law.

The money that will go to the UNRWA does not immediately recover the $ 365 million level contribution the United States made to the agency in 2013.

Most of the refugees, with the help of UNRWA, are descendants of the nearly 1,000,000 Palestinians who were expelled from their homes or fled the war to create Israel in the 1948 war.

Citing the growing refugee count, citing the Trump administration’s 201 def argument, then-State Department spokeswoman Heather North criticized UNRWA as an “inclusive and significant beneficiary expansion community.”

Right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also called for a break with the UNRWA in order to build closer ties with Trump.

His administration began the installation shortly after Biden took office Foundation To restore relations with the Palestinians as well as to renew aid. Biden’s associates are doing more crafts Detailed plan To restore the relationship, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters in mid-March.

The administration announced late last month that it was providing ১৫ 15 million to help the occupied West Bank and the affected Palestinian community in Gaza cope with the Kovid-19 epidemic.

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