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Former President Donald Trump is suffering from Twitter withdrawal. With no effective way to correct him since Twitter cut him off, Trump has returned to a federal judge to sue him, hoping that legal action will force the company to tweet him again (especially with all caps and lots of surprises).

Trump a Initial command Friday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida And the judge asked Twitter to temporarily reopen his al RealDonald Trump account while fighting the company’s permanent ban in court. The former president argues he can win his case, where he argues that Twitter’s ban violates the First Amendment, as well as Florida’s fraudulent and unfair trade Practice is new to the law and the state Deplatforming Act.

Filing in court, which you can find Absolutely A. Edge, Trump argues that not imposing an initial ban – or, not returning him to social media networks – will do irreparable harm to him and his 88 million Twitter followers. This is apparently because of his followers They are not allowed to receive messages or comment on them.

Additionally, the former president has claimed that his continued absence on Twitter will do irreparable damage to the Republican Party.

“[By] Separating him from the most effective and direct form of communication with potential voters, de-platform potential potential and most popular members of the Republican Party, [Twitter] The Republican Party is threatening irreparable damage to its prospects in the 2022 and 2022 elections, ”the court was told.

But this is not the end. Trump has also apparently suffered because he could lose his ability to support donors and merchandising platforms and local political candidates.

Write a sad melody played on the smallest violin in the world. Twitter told Gizmodo it had no comment on Saturday’s initial ban.

Twitter Trump is banned Cap e January, two days after a crowd of his supporters rallied to attack the U.S. Capitol and close President Joe Biden’s certificate of victory. At the time, the company said there was a risk The former president could tweet Violence is further fueled. In particular, it states that Trump’s two tweets, in which he said that people voted for him, “will not be disrespectful or unfair in any way, size or shape !!!” And that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration is a violation of the dignity of his policy of violence.

Trump has filed Class action suit Against Twitter, Google, and Facebook – which banned him from their platform in July for violating all his revision rights. Since he is no longer welcomed on mainstream social media sites, the former president started a blog in May with the headline, From Donald J. Trump’s desk. He shut it down a month later, reportedly embarrassed by Trump Lack of readers on the blog.

While it’s clear that Trump is itching to tweet again – and outraged against the world – Twitter is a beautiful place without him. I mean, it can still be a toxic wetland at times, but at least it has one less problem.

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