Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Fans of true graphic crime, rejoice! For unto you a new abomination is born:

We do not want to be blasphemous, but Christ on a bicycle.

Yes, it’s indeed Tucker Carlson there, an extraordinary American shock and indignation provider, who has a rant during his Fox News show on Monday night about how Christianity is collapsing in America, and about how vaccines and Covid-19 itself the new religion becomes.

The ridge is illustrated, as you can see, by a graph whose Y-axis mysteriously starts at 58 percent and ends at 78 percent. A decrease of 15 percent is therefore transubstantiated in something that looks more like a 70 percent one. Like water in wine, if you will.

We look at the complete diatribe (which you can see for yourself here). It contains pieces such as:

It was not so long ago an enthusiastic Christian country. As recently as 2009, 77 percent of Americans told opinion polls that they considered themselves to be devout Christians. In just ten years, in the course of the Obama administration, the number has dropped by twelve points.

Oh yes, it’s all Barack’s fault Hussein Obama, the famous * check notes * Practicing Christian.

Trump has obviously been in power for three of the ten years, but none of this can possibly be linked to him, because as we all know, the Bible is his favorite book:

It’s worth pointing out a recent Gallup poll shows the trend of declining membership of churches, synagogues and mosques in the US-in fact since halfway through the last century-actually strengthen after Trump’s election, after a slight increase after Obama’s election:

We do not want to downplay the importance of the collapse of Christianity and religion more generally in the West – we actually think that this is an extremely important phenomenon, especially in markets. For example, it may help to explain why pseudo-religions, such as crypto, have emerged in recent years, filling the void left behind by traditional religious beliefs. And we even sympathize with the idea that there are religious aspects to the strong pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown crew. As Carlson himself says: “Everyone believes in something; we are all born with the need to worship. ”

We just did not need him to commit a graphic sin to illustrate the point.

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