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In an effort to combat the scourge of hateful and orthodox content on his platform in recent times, Twitch has chosen a new strategy in his fight against endless trolls: taking them to court.

The video game streaming giant in the United States filed a new lawsuit on Thursday.S. The Northern California District Court, targeting two specific users, “CruiseControl” and “Creatine Overdose,” accused the company of constantly flooding its platform with “plastic, sexist and homophobic language and content.”

The defendants are known as “haters” Aggressor ”- a word you may never have heard. “Hate campaigns” deploy automated bot armies to harass and intimidate streamers of apparently anonymous users, often flooding the victim’s comments section with fanatical, racist or overall bad content. Such campaigns often target “marginalized group streamers,” the company said in a recent lawsuit.

Like many streaming platforms, Twitch has Ongoing problem With trolls and vitriols, though, the problem has apparently gotten worse lately. In August, following the rise of a hashtag campaign that called on the platform to shut down hateful content, The company has announced It will introduce some new features to solve the problem. These actions include thousands of prohibitions Implement problematic accounts and new chat filters to protect streamers.

However, none of these methods exist The new lawsuits have closed.

“They have avoided Twitch’s ban by creating new, alternative Twitch accounts, and are constantly changing their self-described ‘hate raid code’ to avoid identification and suspension by Twitch,” the Netherlands and “creatine overdose”, apparently from Vienna, Austria.

Both trolls have been banned by the company before, but apparently have returned to the platform more than once using the new account. Because the accounts were created anonymously, the exact identity of the hater The attackers remained unknown, adding to the problem of permanently expelling them from the platform. What is known about them is that they constantly try to destabilize users through various forms of automatic harassment.

“CruzzControl is responsible for nearly 3,000 bot accounts associated with the hate campaign. Bots developed and deployed by CruzzControl have been linked to a variety of hate campaigns, including racist, gay, sexist, black and targeting LGBTQIA + streamers. And other harassing content, ”the lawsuit states.

Creatine, at the same time, is accused of similar behavior and is said to have avoided permanent bans through a name and account that is not limited to creatine overdose, creatine banavids, creatine returns and creatine reported.

It’s unclear how effective the lawsuit might actually be, given the fact that Twitch doesn’t really know who he is. Cruise And Creatine Is. However, as a signal to its users that it takes harassment seriously, the company is certainly making a statement about its promise to protect them from the worst on the web.

“We hope this allegation will shed light on the identities of the individuals behind this attack and the tools they use, prevent them from behaving similarly to other services and help end this heinous attack against members of our community.” The company informed Wired In a statement.

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