Twitch removes 7.5 million bots that inflate view and follower counts

Twitch has discovered more than 7.5 million Bot account Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Tweeted. It has now begun removing those accounts and warned users that “you may see a sudden drop in your followers and viewership counts in the coming days.”

The bots were performing actions called follow-boating and view-booting, the company noted. Both statistics use Twitch to enhance a channel, increasing its chances of being discovered.

Multiple streamers have seen steep drops, with Twitch’s fifth popular streamer XQC losing a total of 2.2 million, down from about 8.1 million to 5.9 million. Socialblade. Chance “sodappin” Morris saw one evening Steep reduction, Losing 2.6 million followers – about 45 percent of his total count. Seen by other top streamers Much less exhausting drops, Or even gains last week.

On top of the removal of bot accounts, the company said it could take legal action and even before File a lawsuit against ViewerBot vendors To reduce counterfeit popularity ratings. However, the agency noted that “we do not penalize users who are affected by bot attacks.”

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