Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

There may be another way to prevent twitch. “Hate campaign“And similar abuse: Creating a troll account is illegal. Live streaming service is available On An option that requires one-time phone or email verification for chats between streamers and moderators. Broadcasters may require this for everyone or may set discounts based on account age, duration or status. A streamer may only require verification for the first time, for example, or waive requirements for subscribers and VIPs.

The company will allow five accounts to be verified through one phone number in the interest of business. However, trolls cannot rely on it to avoid sanctions. Twitch will ban each account linked to a phone number if one of them faces a ban, whether it is across a channel or the entire service. You cannot use VoIP or landline numbers

Twitch said it would test the impact of verification after launch. It has also shattered plans for another tool to fight sanctions evasion “in the coming months.”

It may not be the most determined victim of harassment. They can create new email addresses or borrow phone numbers. It can reduce Reliance on moderators But preventing bad behavior and discouraging ‘casual’ harassment can discourage those who have not been afraid before to lose their account. The next time you watch a stream don’t be surprised to see less hit-and-run events.

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