Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Since the beginning of the year, he has run a pilot program called Twitter It has seen crowdsourced fact checks directly from other Twitter users. It is now introducing a way for program participants to hide their identities when they add a note to someone’s tweet. As of today, the company says it will automatically create aliases for new Birdwatch users who are not publicly associated with their Twitter account.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable contributing to Birdwatch, and nicknames allow you to write and rate notes without sharing your Twitter username,” the company said in a statement. . It is hoped that the feature will reduce bias by emphasizing what people write instead of their identity. , It says that nicknames can make people feel “comfortable crossing the line of prejudice, or criticizing peers for themselves without the possibility of pressure or retaliation”.

In addition to nicknames, Twitter profile pages are rolling out which will make it easier to see one’s past Birdwatch contributions. The company says it is doing this to ensure that the nicknames do not come at the expense of liability. To that end, each public profile note will include a current contribution rating, letting you know what the community thinks about it. Hopefully, this is something that helps That program has dogs.

For those who joined Birdwatch before today’s announcement, all previous contributions will now fall under their new nickname. While some people may be able to guess a connection between someone’s Birdwatch profile and Twitter username based on the fact check they saw before today’s feature rollout, the company said program participants could DM their Birdwatch account about deleting their past contributions.

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