Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Twitter’s plans for subscription services will gradually come into focus. Now, it has scrolled, Which allows readers to view their ad-free content in partnership with publishers.

Scrolls could play a big role in the advent of Twitter . The company did not elaborate on how such a service would be implemented, but earlier he hinted at the newsletter platform Revue, which it acquired earlier this year, that it would feature too much. Scroll, which already has partnerships with such publications Vox, Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed And a number of local papers, these plans can help jump.

Twitter wrote in a blog post, “We want to re-imagine what they’ve created to give our Hyper-Azud listeners a seamless reading experience and allow publishers to deliver clean content that could make them more money than today’s business models.” Twitter wrote in a blog post. “As a Twitter subscriber, images accessed with premium features where you can easily read articles from your favorite news outlets or create an author’s newsletter from Reue, a part of your subscription to publishers and authors.”

The acquisition has implications for other loved ones as well, if the niche is News app: NozzelUzz Scroll has acquired the service, which provides feeds of articles based on what people are sharing on Twitter, . However, the app was not included in the scroll acquisition and will be This week, its owners said. However, the new version of the service may be live. Twitter VP of the product Said the company is forming a team to explore how to bring the best of Nozel on Twitter.

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