Sat. May 28th, 2022

If you worry, people may abuse Twitter’s new policy Prohibit non-compliant photo sharing, Your fears were well established. Face me To say The Washington Post It has suspended the accounts of 12 journalists and anti-extremist researchers after right-wing activists and white supremacists sent “integrated and malicious” fake reports in an attempt to silence critics. It was not clear how many reports were sent beyond the “significant amount”.

The agency said it was already reversing the sanctions and had launched an internal review to make sure the policy was used “on purpose”. More information on the amount of false accusations will come later. Targets of some extremists were still banned PostIts story.

The rule prohibits users from sharing personal photos and videos without the subject’s permission. It also prohibits people from threatening to share that content or inciting others to divulge it. There are exceptions for posts where the media can pay the “public discourse price”. At least one of the forbidden targets was to share public pictures of acquaintances only.

This abuse does not come as a complete shock. Critics were already concerned that the measure was too vaguely worded to prevent abuse. For example, it can suffocate amateur investigators through readily available data. While Twitter doesn’t want to amend its policy, it shouldn’t be a surprise if there is an explanation or tweak to limit possible abuse going forward.

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