Twitter is launching a local weather service with paid subscriptions

Do you check Twitter for updates? Extreme weather Injury? If so, there is good news. Twitter reported Axis It was Has been turned on A local weather service, Tomorrow, Between 15 North American cities and the Dominican Republic. Climate journalist Eric Halthaus and 16 local meteorologists will create a mix of free and paid content to help you keep tabs on weather events and provide more insights.

While it’s not clear exactly what you’ll get for free, a ড 10 per month subscription will allow you to ask an unlimited number of questions, including guaranteed feedback from meteorologists. You will receive a weekly newsletter Thanks to Rev. As well as initial access to podcasts and long-form news.

Product VP informed Mike Park Axis That weather was a “perfect match” for Twitter, as many people use the platform to keep an eye on natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. This can be especially helpful if the authorities fight to provide important updates.

Of course, there are also very plausible reasons for the existence of tomorrow. Likes Tip jars, Twitter could help tomorrow Reduce its reliance on ads Even if only a few key users have subscribed. For free users, it can be encouraging to come back if there are not enough existing weather sources already. The question, of course, is will it really compete with your local news outlets or other dedicated weather providers – ড 10 per month is a lot of things you can ask for that you only occasionally want more than predicted.

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