Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Back in September, Twitter Announcement It plans to add recording and playback features to Space so that listeners can access events after the broadcast. Now, the website hosts a limited number of space hosts on iOS and has launched capabilities for all audiences on iOS and Android. Twitter says it’s a way for hosts to increase the value of their work and reach an audience who can’t always keep an eye out for live conversations.

Hosts who already have access to Space Recording need to toggle on “Record Space” before launching a new conversation. During the show, a recording icon will be visible to everyone, including the audience Hosts will have access to the recording for 30 days of the initial broadcast and will be able to share and tweet it for their followers to see. Listeners will be able to play back recordings in their timeline – they’ll also be able to share them, which could translate for hosts to more listeners and fans.

The recording will be available for one month, the host can delete it at any time. Twitter says it will still keep a file for up to 120 days, so users can test the hateful content when reporting recordings that go against its ToS.


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