Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

ESG Investment Updates

It’s no secret that FT Alphaville has long been suspicious of ESG investments. Whether it’s the bubbling valuations associated with European businesses, such as the wind power game Vestas, or the efforts of many businesses — and funds — to ordinary corporate strategy as ESG-friendlyIt’s hard to escape the feeling that the initialism of three letters sometimes does more harm than good (if it does anything at all).

So when we were on a essay on medium last week from Tariq Fancy – former chief investment officer for sustainable investment at BlackRock – we were not surprised to see that he came to the same conclusion. His arguments were expertly distilled by the FT’s Rob Armstrong in his Uncut newsletter and generated quite a heated reaction of “Team ESG” (or, alternatively, team “Fat Money”). So we thought it would be great to get Tariq on our Twitter spaces on Friday to discuss everything about ESG.

Call Friday afternoon at 4pm BST / 11am OST. You can join the session by following either @izakaminska, @senojerialc or @jemimajoanna on Twitter or by clicking here. And if you feel like asking a question, raise a virtual hand. We’m sure there’s someone with a reasonable defense of ESG, and we’d love to hear it.

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