Twitter started testing the downvote button on iOS like Reddit

Something Twitter On iOS, users will see a new button that looks like Reddit’s downvote button in response to people. It is part of the latest experimental feature of social networks designed to give users more insight into what kind of answers seem relevant in a conversation. According to Twitter support Announcement, The goal is to be able to collect sufficient data, so that the platform can work on ways to clear more relevant responses. In long threads, for example, the best replies don’t always appear instantaneously and may be buried under other people’s tweets.

Random testers found in the feature will see different versions of it. Some will see the UpVote and DownVote buttons, while others will see a DownVote button just next to Twitter’s heart / choice option. The third version instead shows the testers thumbs up and down buttons. The number of downvotes received in an answer will not be visible to the public and users’ downvotes will be visible to them alone. In the meantime, upvotes will appear as a choice.

At this point, the votes will not change how Reddit responds to the order in which Reddit responds in order to get a ton of downweights. As Twitter user researcher Cody Elam explained in multiple tweet descriptions, the purpose of the test was not to embarrass users, but to “give people the ability to personally express their views on the quality of answers” and to “encourage more” feedback to the organization. He added: “We hope to know more about the quality of the answers that people vote for and if voting is a feature that people value.”

This is not the first time that a feature like Twitter Reddit has been tested. A few months ago, he started experimenting with social networks Facebook style emoji Feedback so that includes upvote and downvote buttons.

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