Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

All Twitter users can now remove their followers without blocking them. The company started , And starting today, everyone will have access to it. To silently stop someone from seeing your tweets in their feed, go to the Followers tab on your profile, click the three-dot menu next to the user, and select the “Remove this follower” option.

This is part of Twitter’s efforts to reduce harassment on the platform. If you block someone you don’t want to follow, you can take revenge on that person through their associate or their secondary account. Cut them in this fashion and That means none of them know that they are out of the loop.

This method will not prevent anyone from booting from your followers list from viewing your public tweets. Simply blocking them or personalizing your account will do it. Elsewhere, Twitter is doing a test , Which automatically blocks accounts that use “potentially harmful language.” It’s looking for more ways , So it looks like the company is giving even greater priority to its anti-harassment efforts.

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