Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Says it’s doing more to make sure you don’t see anything from your account Or , As well as any . It is working on updates to hide those keywords and accounts across more areas of the platform.

On the web and iOS and Android apps, you will no longer see events from the Explore tab or what is happening in the sidebar muted and blocked accounts. Or they should not appear in the platform’s emails or event-based notifications.

This is a welcome, long-winded change that will give users more control over what they see on the platform, as they will have the added assurance that accounts they don’t want to hear won’t pop up outside the timeline. This will help people avoid spoilers in the sidebar if they mute the name of a show Or play. In light of the wording of tweets about this update, Twitter seems to be looking for more ways to delete tweets from silent and blocked accounts and keywords.

In recent months, Twitter has tested or launched other features to prevent harassment It tested with a safety mode that automatically and Temporarily blocks the account That “may use abusive language or send repetitive, uninvited answers.” In October, it Added A way to remove an unwanted follower without first blocking it.

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