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One of the reasons for Covid-19 Drowning in greenhouse gas emissions, Only for them to rebound in the United States in 2021.

This is according to a new Analysis Published by Rhodium Group, which found that US greenhouse gas emissions increased by 6.2% compared to the 2020 level. It is still below 5% of pre-epidemic levels, although there are signs that carbon pollution is increasing rapidly. According to Rhodium estimates, emissions appear to be recovering faster than the economy as a whole, with 5.7% year-on-year GDP growth gaining momentum.

This is important because in some studies the reduction in epidemic-related emissions was significant Guess Lockdown in control of Kovid-19’s spread could result in the largest single annual drop in emissions ever recorded. Now, however, as more countries begin to accelerate their economies, emissions are rising again. That could spell doom The world’s climate target And it shows the challenges that lie ahead for the Biden administration Its climate speaks volumes But failed to provide the necessary short-term emissions reduction.

So what is the reason for this resurgence of emissions? In short, coal and land transport.

In particular, coal-fired power generation has increased by 17% since 2020, an increase due to epidemic-related disruptions in natural gas production. In light of these figures, the 17% increase marks the first annual increase in U.S. coal production since 2014. Coal stands significantly in the power sector that, overall, its emissions have increased by 6% since 2020. Overall, emissions from electrical power epidemics were still 4% lower than before.

The transportation sector, meanwhile, was responsible for the single largest increase in U.S. emissions, a surprising 10% increase. (Its emissions fell by more than 15% compared to the 2019 level in 2020.) The increase was partly driven by increased freight traffic for everything from restaurant and small business goods supplies Record number Online shopping packages have reached the doorsteps of customers.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Transportation is the largest source of American carbon emissions.

It is worth taking a moment to underline how much emissions have been spent in the early months of the epidemic. Daily emissions plummeted 17% in April 2020 compared to the previous year’s average due to lockdown orders and home stay orders. Later that year, a Study Directed by the University of California, Davis looked at traffic light data and found that each U.S. state saw a 60% reduction in local travel, with impacts reducing transportation industry emissions by 13% compared to pre-epidemic levels. Overall, in 2020, rhodium analysis estimates that the U.S. has reduced emissions by 22.2% compared to 2005 levels. Exactly one year later, however, that emissions deficit fell to 17.4% from 2005 levels.

Emergence is a particularly big hit in an encounter Goals set by President Joe Biden To reduce emissions below the 2005 level by at least 50% by the end of this decade. That goal is tied to the Paris Agreement and to the United States Risk of losing credibility If it does not turn the emission curve in the coming years.

Rhodium group analysis is likely to further muddy the already weak climate of the Biden administration. Report card About a year after taking office. The Biden campaign has run on a platform that prioritizes climate change policies, but has so far chosen Backtrack Lease of fossil fuels in public land and Failed to get Congress To pass the Climate-laden Build Back Better Act. And when the administration does not push the United States Rejoin The Paris Agreement and the ambitious set The goal To reduce overall emissions, it has at the same time faced criticism from climate workers. Decisions that could increase carbon emissions Even more.

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