U.S. Labor officials have tested the ballot in the Amazon Workers Union vote Labor Rights News

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board is testing ballots, and vote counting may not begin until later this week or after Amazon and the Union verify the eligibility of the next ballot.

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board has begun reviewing the ballots of Amazon.com’s incorporated workers in Alabama, who voted on whether to form unions, and the future of the future labor organization in India, the second largest private employer hanging in the balance. .

At 10 a.m. Tuesday (15:00 GMT), Labor Board agents began monitoring more than 5,800 ballots sent to Amazon’s Besama in Alabama-based warehouses, as part of a long-awaited process and the beginning of a legal challenge.

A person familiar with the process said list voting could not begin until later this week or earlier after both Amazon and Union verified the eligibility of the ballot. Subsequent processes and objections could lead to further deforestation as a proven outcome, the individual said.

The Real, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) has aggressively discouraged Amazon from organizing one of the largest retail giant facilities in the United States.

The union’s victory would leave Amazon, second only to Walmart Inc. with more than 600,000 employees nationwide, at the risk of over-organized efforts and representing a watershed moment for the U.S. labor movement, said Wilma Liebman, former NLRB chairman during former President Barack Obama’s administration. Said Obama.

“If unions manage to do this, it’s really groundbreaking,” Leibman said, noting the difficulty of forming unions in the southern states, which have laws that discourage workplace organization. “Amazon is right to be worried.”

Amazon said in a statement, “Our employees know the truth – starting with a salary of 15 15 or more, starting with healthcare and a safe and inclusive workplace. We encourage all our employees to vote and hope they do.”

RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum said: “The campaign has already been successful in many ways. Although we don’t know how the vote will turn out, we believe we have opened the door to more organization across the country.

Union Drive has attracted significant attention from elected officials in Washington. U.S. President Joe Biden defended workers’ rights to form unions free of intimidation at the end of February, and specifically pointed to voting in Alabama, not to mention Amazon.

A congressional representative visited Besam in early March, and Vermont Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders arrived in the area on Friday to hold a rally with workers and support the organizer’s move.

Amazon has run its own campaign, sending text messages to current and former employees to vote against union formation and telling them that if this pressure is successful they could deprive them of some benefits, a notion the union has disputed.

The Reuters news agency previously reported that the vote-counting fight between Amazon and the union could gain the legitimacy of the ex-workers’ ballot.

Dave Clark, chief executive of Amazon’s consumer division, criticized Sanders on Twitter before the visit last week while reviewing the e-commerce company’s ১৫ 15 wage earnings in Vermont.

“So if you want to hear এবং 15 and healthcare for an hour, Senator Sanders will talk in the suburbs. But if you want to make at least 15 15 and have good healthcare, Amazon is hiring, ”Clark tweeted.

Sanders, responding on Twitter, questioned why so much money had been spent to discourage union organizations for better money, conditions and benefits.

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