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Chen said that while Facebook, Twitter, and others have added content-clearing policies to a number of apparently English-language chaos, the system often misses such content even if it is in another language. Instead the task had to be done by volunteers like his team, who wanted chaos and trained to reduce it and reduce its spread. “These words are meant to make sense of certain words and things. When it is in a different language, the invalid and incorrect information is not caught.”

Google’s translation services and technologies such as Translatotron And Real-time translation headphones Use artificial intelligence to transform into language. Xiang, however, finds these tools inadequate for Humayun, a deeply complex language where the context is incredibly important. “I think we’re becoming really self-sufficient and dependent on advanced systems like Google,” he says. “They claim that ‘language is accessible,’ and then I read it and it says something completely different.”

(A Google spokesman acknowledged that smaller languages ​​”make translation work more difficult” but said the company has invested in research that particularly benefits low-resource language translations, “using machine learning and community feedback.”)

Absolutely down

Online language challenges transcend US dollars in the underlying code and go quite literally go Yudhanjaya Vijayaratne is a researcher and information scientist at Sri Lankan think tank LIRNasia in 2018. He started looking for bot networks whose activities on social media incite violence against Muslims. And in March, a wave of riots by Sinhalese Buddhists targeted Muslims and mosques in the cities of Ampara and Kandy. His team Registered Bots ’“ victim argument ”informed several thousand Sinhalese social media posts and the searches took to Twitter and Facebook. “They want to say all sorts of beautiful and meaningful things – basically canned statements” he (in a statement, Twitter said it uses human review and automated measures to “apply our rules impartially to all people in the service regardless of background, norm or position in the political spectrum”). ))

When contacted by MIT Technology Review, a Facebook spokesperson said the agency has set up an independent human rights commission to determine the role of the platform in violence in Sri Lanka. Which was published in May 2020, And changed the context of the attack, including the appointment of dozens of Sinhalese and Tamil-speaking content moderators. “We have installed active hate speech detection technology in Sinhala to help identify potentially infringing content more quickly and effectively.”

“What I can do with three lines of code in Python in English took me two years to see literally 28 million Sinhalese words.”

Yudhanjaya Vijiratne, Lernesia

After the bot continued to behave, skepticism about pletitudes increased in Bijaratna. He decided to look for the codes that companies were using in libraries and software tools, and found that the process of observing hate speech in most non-English languages ​​had not yet been developed.

“Many languages ​​like ours are not yet readily available for most of our research,” Bijeratne said. “What I can do with the three-line code in Python in English is basically create the corps, build the core tools, and then take Sinhala’s 28 million words to get things done.

After suicide bombers targeted churches in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, in April 2012, Vijayaratne created a tool for analyzing hate speech and misinformation in Sinhala and Tamil. System, called Watchdog, A free mobile application that aggregates news and adds warnings to false stories. The warnings came from volunteers who were trained in truth-checking.

Bijaratna emphasized that this work is far from translation.

“All of the algorithms we adopt are mentioned in the study in most cases, especially in natural language processing showing great results for English,” he said. “And still many identical algorithms are used, even in languages ​​that differ only a few degrees. They can return completely different results from the West German or language romance tree.”

Natural-language processing is the basis of automated content addition systems. Bijaratne Published a paper Which in 2019 examines the differences in their accuracy in different languages. He argued that the more resources there are for a language, such as data sets and web pages, the better algorithms can work. The language of a poor country or community is disadvantaged.

“If you build the Empire State Building for English, say, you have a blueprint. You have the materials, “he says.” You have everything in hand and all you have to do is put this thing together. For every other language, you don’t have a blueprint.

“You have no idea where the concrete will come from. You don’t have steel and you don’t have workers either so you’re sitting there pulling a brick piece at a time hoping that maybe your grandson or your granddaughter can complete this project. “

Things that sit deep

The movement to provide these blueprints is known as language justice, and it is not new. American Bar Association The language describes justice As a “framework” that preserves the rights of the people “to choose and feel the language that they most clearly and powerfully and to communicate, understand and comprehend the language.”

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