U.S. progressives target Trump’s Supreme Court legacy News from the United States and Canada

Top Democrats do not support the proposal to add four judges; Republicans call it ‘court packing’.

A group of progressive Democrats in the US Congress is targeting former President Donald Trump’s legacy of appointing three conservative judges to the US Supreme Court by proposing to expand the High Court from nine to 13 judges.

The legislature, announced Thursday, will allow new President Joe Biden to nominate four judges who want to be in the middle of the court’s current 3-3 conservative majority.

“The United States Supreme Court is broken. It’s out of balance, and it needs to be corrected, “said Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat.

The American public sees the court as “not a part of our impartial judiciary, but a partisan political institution,” Markey told a news conference calling for the introduction of the “Judicial Act of 2021” to expand the court.

The bill faces an ups and downs in Congress where House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi refrained from supporting it on Thursday. Top House Democrat Pelosi has control over which bill will be debated and voted on.

President Joe Biden was also skeptical of the idea of ​​expanding the court. Last week, Biden ordered the establishment of A. Bilateral commission To study possible reforms in the Supreme Court, including the expansion of the number of judges and the imposition of tenure limits instead of lifelong appointments.

However, this idea is popular among the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. The House version of the bill is co-sponsored by delegates Hong Johnson and Mondier Jones.

Last year President Trump and the Republicans who controlled the U.S. Senate earned it new currency Confirmed soon A conservative named Justice Amy Connie Barrett for the liberal replacement of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Conservative Justice Amy Connie Barrett replaced the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg in October and was appointed third on Trump’s Supreme Court. [File: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

With Republicans in control of the Senate during his term, Trump was nominated, and the Senate confirmed one in 2017 after Justices Neil Gorsch and Brett Kavanagh Bitter war In 2018.

Democrats have been crying obscenely since 2016 when Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to allow a confirmation hearing. Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee. A strong political move by Republicans, it has left open the vacancies filled by Trump Gorsuch.

Now, many Democrats fear that the majority of the new Supreme Court will withdraw progress on various issues for the rights of the people in recent decades. Abortion Per Voting.

“As the Supreme Court’s decision becomes clearer, a historic balance needs to be restored,” Markey said, predicting that his bill would increase support for the court’s expansion over time.

Republicans in the Senate, which split 50-50 between the two U.S. parties, are opposing the Democratic proposal to expand the court, which they rejected as a “court-packing” exercise.

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