Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The U.S. government’s Office of Accountability (GAO) has fired him Protest from Blue Origin And on NASA’s decision to give defense contractor Dynetics a single hand চুক্ত 2.9 billion deal with SpaceX As part of it Human Landing System Program. Friday, The guard said NASA said “the evaluation of the three proposals was reasonable and consistent with applicable procurement laws, regulations and declaration terms.”

When Blue Origin first challenged the lunar contract in April, the company claimed the selection process was “fundamentally unfair” because it did not get a chance to reconsider its bid. At that point, NASA could award the contract to SpaceX because the agency agreed to revise its payment schedule. Blue Origin also questioned whether the space agency chose a single contractor for the project when the initial announcement called for two builders to be involved.

Reviewing NASA’s decision, the GAO said the space agency “did not violate procurement laws or regulations when deciding to award only one.” It notes that NASA gave itself the flexibility to award a single contract, multiple awards or absolutely no when it first announced the Human Landing System program.

What’s more, the GAO concluded there was “no need to participate, amend or cancel the NASA negotiations due to the amount of funds available for the project”. Significantly, the GAO noted in its press release that it is not its role to judge the relative merits of a contract decision. Both Blue Origin and Dynamics argued that NASA had chosen the most “high-risk option” since its involvement in the SpaceX bid. Starship Rocket, Which was at that time of the purchasing process Still a piece landing.

“We strongly believe that there were fundamental issues with NASA’s decision, but GAO could not resolve them due to their limited jurisdiction. We will continue to advocate for the two immediate providers because we believe this is the correct solution,” a spokesman for Blue Origin said. Said after the decision. “We are encouraged by the work of Congress to add a second supplier and appropriate additional resources to NASA’s efforts to bring Americans back to the moon. Need to be – this is the best solution for NASA and the best solution for our country.

The decision comes just days after Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin and former CEO of Amazon, offered a discount. $ 2 billion Payment from NASA in exchange for the Moon Lander contract. After protests from Blue Origin, NASA told SpaceX Stop working on the human landing system When GAO solved the challenge. Today’s decision allows the project and the Artemis program to proceed in more detail unless Blue Origin asks the U.S. Court of Federal Claims to investigate the case.

Update 2:28 PM ET: Added comments from Blue Origin.

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