Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Federal employees in the emirate of Ajman will not receive paid sick leave if they are twice exposed to COVID-19.

Emirate Ajman warns civil servants that they will be penalized for coming into contact with anyone who contracted COVID-19 for the second time – and if that happens, they will not receive paid sick leave if they have to sit in quarantine.

The UAE has a vaccination rate of 99 percent among qualifying residents and a total death toll of less than 2,200 due to the virus, but the spread of the Omicron variant worldwide increased the number of daily infections.

The UAE, home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has seen daily cases rise from about 50 a day in early December to more than 2,600 a day this week.

To curb the spread of the virus, Ajman’s human resources department issued a circular listing no-no that would lead to salary deductions, ranging from a one-day pay cut to a 10-day pay cut for repeat offenders.

List of offenses

The UAE-based newspaper The National reported the offenses listed include failing to wear masks, being in overcrowded areas, shaking hands with others, and going to the office after being in contact with someone who contracted the coronavirus.

Supervisors will also be slapped with salary deductions if they do not ensure that employees comply.

According to the report, a federal employee in Ajman who came into close contact with an infected person must isolate or work remotely for a week.

In addition, employees who come into contact with an infected person for a second time will also have to take annual leave if they have to go into quarantine or take unpaid leave.

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