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UK smokers may soon get prescriptions for e-cigarettes

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In the near future, UK doctors may be able to write PrescriptionNS For vaping this week, the government made its announcement Intended to allow e-cigarette products to be prescribed as a healing aid for smokers who are trying to quit traditional teaObako cigarettes. Although health officials acknowledge that these products are not risk-free, they hope that more access to vaping will help the country reach its goal of becoming smoke-free within the next decade.

Compare The United States, the United Kingdom and its public health experts are much more positive about the potential benefits of e-cigarettes. In 2015, a report from Public Health England Conclusion That e-cigarette can be 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. And subsequent reports have been similar Optimistic About the potential of these products to completely quit smokers by 2030 or switch to vaping exclusively.

A part of it Plan adopted by UK go Government is medical Licensed nicotine vaping products, which are prescribed by their doctors and the National Health Service, will allow them to be covered through the country’s single paid healthcare system. Ohn On Friday, the UK made its announcement The health regulator will soon issue guidelines for vaping companies to apply for such licenses. Companies still have to go through the standard approval process that all drugs do, but once successful, their e-cigarettes will be available to any smoker through a doctor. All e-cigarettes in the country, with prescription or not, are still illegal for those under 18 years of age.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said, “Opening the doors of licensed e-cigarettes prescribed by the NHS is likely to address the sharp disparity in smoking rates across the country, helping people to quit smoking wherever they live and whatever their background.” In a statement Release Friday.

Australia recently forced residents to get a prescription before legally accessing nicotine vapor products, According to To CNN, however, there are no fully approved products yet. So the UK could still be the first country to offer e-cigarettes extensively by prescription. The US Food and Drug Administration Recently approved The very first product sold in the market under it New regulations, although these are not considered medical.

There is a remnant Intense scientific debate On the risks and benefits of vaping, as well as how much control these products require. Although experts generally agree that they are safer than tobacco cigarettes, some are less reassured that any remaining risk, especially long-term, will be minimal. Others are concerned that children and adolescents are still uniquely at risk of becoming addicted to vaping, and that vaping at an early age will increase their chances of becoming smokers. But other researchers Thought Strict bans on that vaping will only force people to continue smoking Or even increase the rate in an area. At least in the United States, tin vaping rates have declined in recent years.

According to the UK, there have been 231 reports of 618 adverse reactions associated with nicotine vapor products. Five years later they have started tracking them. They have documented three deaths involving steam, one of which is suspected to be an Evil incident, which is rare. The condition of the lungs It is primarily associated with the stigmatized cannabis vapor product sold on the black market. But it has been measured against the well-known harms of tobacco, in the UK The latest verdict Concerning the safety of e-cigarettes, it is still concluded that “the risk of adverse health effects from vaporized products is expected to be much lower than that of cigarettes.”

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