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A Ukrainian military serviceman looks through a trench at a trench on the frontline with Russian-backed separatists near Avdivka, southeastern Ukraine, on January 9, 2022.

A Ukrainian military serviceman looks through a trench at a trench on the frontline with Russian-backed separatists near Avdivka, southeastern Ukraine, on January 9, 2022.
Pictures: Anatoly Stepanova / AFP (Getty Images)

Ukraine’s official websites were hit by a cyber attack early Friday, with some domain users claiming their information had been compromised. The attack comes as Russia maintains military installations on its border with Ukraine and talks between Russian and US leaders about a possible invasion of the former Soviet state. Didn’t go anywhere.

According to a cyber security journalist, about fifteen government websites in Ukraine have been affected Kim Jeter, Including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cabinet, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Emergency Services, the Treasury, as well as the Office of Environmental Protection.

The websites of the Ukrainian embassies in the United States, Canada and Australia have also gone offline and are not accessible until 4:30 ET. According to the posted screenshot, while Ukrainian websites were still running, they reportedly displayed threatening messages in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish. Social media.

“Ukrainian! All your personal data was uploaded to the public network. All computer data was destroyed, it is impossible to recover,” read a message on the website of a Ukrainian government, according to the English translation. Reuters. Read another message, “Fear and expect the worst.”

A spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry confirmed the cyber issueTwitter attack, explanation That“Our experts have already begun to restore the functioning of the IT system, and the cyberpolice have launched an investigation.”

Ukrainian security services have denied that any personal data has been compromised, according to the report AFP, And so far it appears that the attack is simply a matter of vandalism and denial of a delivery of services, or a DDoS attack, when websites are loaded with so much traffic from attackers that they no longer load.

No state or individual has yet been blamed for the cyber-attack, although hackers linked to Russia are likely to be suspected. The Russian government has previously denied any involvement in the attack. Russian leaders have also denied involvement in hacking Democratic Party emails in 2016 that helped elect former President Donald Trump, which Moscow must have been behind.

Russia has pushed for a massive military build-up on its border with Ukraine, a situation that has worried the United States, as an ally of the former Soviet Union. New York Times Comments:

Russia has demanded that all military cooperation with Ukraine be terminated and that NATO’s presence near Russia’s borders in Eastern Europe be greatly reduced, including the provision of legally binding guarantees that the country will never join the alliance. Mr Ryabkov said the dialogue with the United States was ongoing but warned that Mr Putin was getting options from the military on what to do “in the event of a deterioration”.

These alternatives, analysts and Western officials believe, could involve new Russian military action against Ukraine. Joining the talks for the first time on Thursday, Ukraine said it had identified 106,000 Russian troops and 1,500 tanks near its border and accused Moscow of pointing “guns at our common European security”.

Why have talks between the US and Russia deteriorated over possible aggression in Ukraine? Some experts believe that Russia is examining US borders, and President Vladimir Putin believes that Biden has no interest in engaging in a “shooting war” with anyone at the moment – something that seems clear to some who are paying attention.

From Rocks War:

Moscow seems to believe that the Biden administration is in a better position to make a serious deal at the moment. First, because there is growing domestic demand in the United States for a more restrained foreign policy that has supporters on both sides of the political aisle. During the campaign, Biden’s party insisted on greater reliance on diplomacy as one of its signature policies. Second, and most importantly, Moscow is skeptical that Biden is going to run for a second term and is now thinking about his political legacy. The two main goals for the most important showdown of the century with China are “to get back on track” and to shape America. A chaotic, protracted conflict with Russia that could tie America’s hands in other areas would confuse resources and hinder the achievement of both goals.

But Biden’s reluctance to send American troops in uniform to fight the Allies does not mean that the United States will not be involved in any conflict in the region. In fact, the CIA is reportedly training paramilitary forces for Ukraine Unpublished advantagey In South America, the agency denies.

Whatever the case, it is clear that we are living through a new Cold War, sadly, with many of the first ones having similar characteristics, which were disturbed from 1945 to 1991, before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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