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Cropped Box Art for Marvel 2019: Ultimate Alliance 3 shows multiple Marvel heroes ready for battle.

Pictures: Marvel Games

As shown in Insomniac Games Spiders are human For the PS4 in 2018, Marvel is doing its best to create a resume of successful AAA games. They’ve mostly been good at itSpider-Man: Miles Morales Was pretty good, and Spider-Man 2 Must be beautiful as accurate; The Galactic Guardians Game There’s been a pleasant surprise this week – and now there’s a new developer in the publisher’s pocket

Marvel announced yesterday A partnership With the new media division of Skydance which will see the creation of a new action-adventure game based on another Marvel character. The new media will be led by its president Amy Henig, whom gamers will know as a writer Cain’s legacy As creative director and writer for the first three of the series and Naughty Dog Unpublished Games (he is also the author of Square Enix) Talk, Released next spring.)

In a press statement, Henig expressed excitement for the new partnership. “The Marvel Universe Pulp Adventure genre reflects all the action, mystery and thrill I love and lends itself perfectly to an interactive experience. It is an honor to be able to tell a true story with all the humanity, complexity and humor that makes Marvel characters so enduring and enables our players to embody these heroes of their choice.

The new game will be a “narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game”, which seems to be the bread and butter of this new wave of Marvel games. Meanwhile, fans are speculating on who will be the next hero to get a single game. A popular choice so far seems to be Daredevil, a hero who inevitably Is nurtured When you talk about Marvel Media.

Anyone who will eventually announce the main protagonist (or protagonist) for this new game will have a lot of eye on them. But at least we know one thing about it: the former io9 guy Evan Narcissus Will be involved, So it should be good when it finally reaches the console and PC.

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