Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

As well as a New pair of airpods, Apple will also soon launch a pair of Beats Fit Pro earbuds. According to 9to5Mac, Would be like earbuds Which was released earlier this year, albeit with a slightly different design. The outlet found these pictures of the product in the internal iOS 15.1 RC file.

Sources also said 9to5Mac The Beats Fit Pro will have Apple’s H1 chip for active noise cancellation, Class 1 Bluetooth and faster pairing with Apple products. It will also apparently show a built-in accelerometer that is designed to reduce external noise. For battery life, the outlet reports that it will have ANC or Transparency mode enabled or will have 6 hours of adaptive EQ. The charging case will charge approximately 27 to 30 hours.

9to5Mac Reported that Beats Fit Pro will be announced in the first week of November, after shipments.

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