Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Optimus Prime, California Governor Gavin Newsom, some minions and trolls were present at a press conference about the reopening of the state of California in June 2021 outside Universal Studios Hollywood.

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, attended a press conference on June 15, 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood for the official reopening of the state of California.
Pictures: Alberto e. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

As the earth slowly tries to pull itself up Towards As a feeling of normalcy The Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic continues, Events and business I want to bring the public back There is already effort and balance Reducing federal restrictions Personal rules on masks, vaccination status and more. Now one of the largest theme parks in the United States is taking a big step with its own regulations.

Announced today, Universal Studios Hollywood Hollywood Angels, California will begin mandatory vaccinations and test evidence For protection against Covid-1 against visitors 12 And start at the top October 7, in line with a new order from the LA County Department of Public Health. Guests must show proof of either FDA or WHO-AppThe vaccine has been proven for at least two weeks after the final dose (two-dose vaccine like Pfizer-Biotech or Modern, or Johnson and Johnson’s single-dose vaccine), or negative Covid-1 test results within 2 hours of their visit. In addition, all guests over the age of 18 will also be subject to a photo ID check. Public ‘The new rules don’t stop there either – regardless of the status of the one-time vaccination in the park, Guest Masks must be worn indoors or outdoors, and “maintaining a safe distance between travel parties” will be encouraged, while parks will be “focused on maintaining maximum cleanliness and sanitation standards.”

These latest rules do not apply to Universal’s Resorts in Orlando, Florida, where G.C.Governor Ron de Santis is involved in the campaign To ban masks And Vaccination orders In private business and school for a few months. Although fellow theme park owner Disney has yet to implement similar orders for proof of vaccination, Walt Disney Resorts in Anaheim, California Disneyland and Florida Orlando Reinstalling mandatory masks worn indoors For guests returning in July after lifting the ban on masks a month ago. Although Universal Studios’ new guidelines do not include age bands for mask use, Disney’s latest rules apply to all viewers over the age of two.

Theme parks across the UK.S. Particularly hit by the epidemic, Even as some Local Not later but sooner open When The incidents of Kovid in the country continue to fluctuate wildly. সLow Bringing back public confidence in the face of improved vaccination rates has now brought a certain level of hesitationBring back at least some epidemic restrictions, Now the ticker rate has come down And lawsuits among imperfect Americans Keep getting up. It remains to be seen whether more rules, such as Universal Studios, will become the norm in other parks, but for now, if you’re going to LA, You will want your vaccine card and your mask before you enjoy some travel.

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