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‘Infinite’ is a Clever, isn’t it? Some are either ‘infinite’ or not. So when Urbanista describes her Los Angeles wireless noise-canceling-over-the-year headphones as “virtually infinite” play time, it’s basically like saying Los Angeles Infinity Play Time.

However, to be fair to Urbanister, Los Angeles comes much closer than most.

At first glance, there is nothing particularly significant about Urbanista Los Angeles. Like the Miami wireless headphones that they are intimately based on, they look discreetly and end beautifully. And like every Urbanista product, they have been named after one of the most exciting places on the planet.

It’s out of the headband, though, that Los Angeles suddenly became unique. ‘Unique’, like ‘Infinite’, is an absolute but present, a description that the Urbanist deserves. Because there is a component on the outside of the headband called ‘PowerfoilIt provides a company called Exeger. It is a solar cell component and energy is obtained from it No The type of light in your home from the sun to the light bulb. It’s always pulling power, always charging, whether the headphones are turned on manually. And that means Urbanista will play for a long time without the need to take charge from the Los Angeles Maine. Which, as a unique selling point, is quite impressive.

Photo: Urbanista

Aside from this part of engineering brilliance, it’s mostly the Urbanista business as usual. Which means Los Angeles is a powerful pair of headphones, comfortable at every point of contact and not like a small-headed listener (like many rival designs). The build quality is unreasonable, the choice of materials is reasonable, the color options (‘midnight’ black or ‘sand’ gold) are pleasant, and there are some strategies about Los Angeles that are by no means common. Headphones Below the £ 200 mark.

Wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0, which is enough but rarely at the cutting edge. The sound is provided by the same 40mm full-range dynamic drivers (suddenly slightly low-tech) planted in Urbanista Miami. There are active sound-cancellation in three positions: ‘on’, ‘off’ or ‘ambient sound’, and a hair-trigger accelerometer that interrupts the music if you remove the Los Angeles from your head (or even move it slightly to their ears). Happily, ‘On-Year Detection’ could be defeated in the excellent new Urbanista Control app.

As far as headphone control apps go, it looks better and is more limited in what it can actually do for you. There’s a nice large display that explains whether the battery is being topped up or drained, there’s a three-level switch to cancel the sound, and there’s the ability to determine the functionality of the physical ‘control’ button outside the left earcup. That’s a lot of you.

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