Urbanista says its solar-powered headphones can play virtually endlessly

Audio brand Urbanista seeks to end wireless active noise cancellation problems (ANC) Headphones are out of power. The company claims to have used solar cell material in the powerfill City planner Los Angeles Headphones are not only solar, they can charge the battery with any kind of light. The idea is that you get “virtually infinite playtime.”

If you let the sun shine outside for an hour, solar cell technology will add up to three hours of listening time to the battery, According to the wiring. Even if it’s like a cloudy day, you’ll get an extra two hours of extra battery life per hour externally. The Ambient Light Urbanista will also recharge Los Angeles, but you’ll quickly bring the battery to the top even if you leave the set by the window. Otherwise, you can charge the battery using a USB-C cable.

Powerfoil is the brainchild of a Swedish company called Excizer. The components can be used in virtually any design. Urbanista says the technology has been integrated into headphones for the first time.

However, JBL has also tried to use the technology. Company Started a crowd funding project in 2019 Its reflection aims to offer almost unlimited playback with Eternal headphones. Partly due to the complexity of the journey arising from the beginning of COVID-19, JBL has canceled the project, And is returning all backs later this month.

Elsewhere, Urbanista is fully compatible with iOS, Android and Windows systems in Los Angeles, according to the company, with support from Sirini and Google Assistant. You can toggle between ANC and ambient sound mode with the press of a button. With the on-ear detection feature, headphones will stop audio and continue playback when you hold them over your ear. There will be two color options, including the Midnight Black variant.

It remains to be seen whether the company will hold its charging claims. Urbanista will cost ৯ 199 (about $ 200) for Los Angeles, although the company has not yet opened pre-orders.

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