US genocide ‘a national embarrassment’: Biden | News of gun violence

Following another mass shooting in the United States, the president has called on Congress to ban military-style “attack” weapons.

President Joe Biden faced growing pressure to curb gun violence through a massive genocide across the United States on Friday, but he is facing a final battle to significantly change the country’s licensed firearms law.

The next day the attacker Killed Eight people at the FedEx Corp. in Indianapolis and Biden himself insisted he could tackle the problem when it comes to spreading job packages and working to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

“It simply came to our notice then. “It’s a national embarrassment,” Biden told the White House Press conference Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugar as well.

Biden says Congress should ban military-style “attack” weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines. Biden wrote about similar sanctions in the U.S. Senate that ended in 2004.

White House spokeswoman Jane Sasaki said earlier in the day that Congress should also allow victims to sue gun manufacturers.

The shooting at Indianapolis was such a national event in at least a few weeks, as most people in the nation emerged from bubbles from the epidemic, often leading to unexpected returns to high-profile violence.

Biden has so far taken limited steps to tighten federal gun regulations and called for more money to fight the problem.

He needs to persuade congressional Republicans to agree to take more important steps. This is a challenge that has killed thousands of Americans over the past decade, and previous law enforcement efforts have repeatedly stalled.

The democratically controlled House of Representatives passed legislation this year to extend background checks on gun buyers, but as legislators in rural states where gun ownership has a far-reaching impact, the Senate is facing considerable controversy.

In that chamber, Democrats and Republicans are discussing a possible compromise. Congress has not yet been able to ban Biden’s proposed weapon of attack, although several states have banned it.

Opinion polls show widespread public support for stricter gun laws.

On Friday, gun-control advocates said Senate Democrats need to be prepared to ignore Republicans in need of a long-term legislation that would require a supermodel to enact maximum legislation in the chamber. The Senate is currently split 50-50 between the two parties. They added that Biden should make the issue a priority in his planned speech to Congress on April 22.

Desperate victims

A number of people affected by the gun violence on Friday said at a news conference on Friday that they were frustrated by the inactivity of The Time Is Now Coalition.

“Mary was one of 32 people killed in a mass shooting at Virginia Tech University 14 years ago,” said Peter Reid. “

With about 121 firearms per 100 inhabitants, the United States is by far the heaviest equipped society in the world and the number of gun deaths has steadily increased in recent years.

About 43,539 Americans died in gun violence last year, with more than 50 people committing suicide, according to a research group called the Mass Violence Archive.

Last month alone, at least 30 people were killed on U.S. public transportation. These incidents draw major headlines but they typically die for less than 1 percent of firearms each year.

The Indianapolis shooting attempted a deadly shooting at a spa and boulder supermarket in the Atlanta area. Police say the suspects in these incidents legally bought their weapons.

Biden said earlier this month that his administration would shut down self-assembled ghost guns and tightly control the stable bows that effectively transform pistols into rifles. He added that he would make it easier for states to adopt red-flag laws that would allow authorities to take guns from people they see as a danger to themselves or others.

These initiatives do not require cooperation from Congress, but they will take time to take

The judiciary needs to create a paper trail to show that any rule change is not sudden or political to prevent the expected legal challenges and that the law has a solid foundation.

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