Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Facebook should face the government’s monopoly lawsuit alleging the company abused its dominance, a judge ruled.

By Bloomberg

Meta Platforms Inc. ‘s Facebook should face the U.S. government’s monopoly lawsuit alleging that the company abused its dominance and should be broken up, a judge ruled.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington denied Facebook’s motion to dismiss the Federal Trade Commission’s revised antitrust complaint, which the agency re-filed after the judge dismissed the case in June. Boasberg said in his ruling that the FTC’s allegations were “more robust and detailed”.

“The FTC has now asserted enough facts to conclusively establish that Facebook may exercise monopoly,” the judge wrote. “The agency also explained that Facebook not only has monopoly power, but that it deliberately retained that power through competitive action.”

The decision is a major victory for FTC and President Lina Khan, who took over the case when she was appointed by President Joe Biden to lead the agency. The FTC filed the new complaint in August with new details to bolster the agency’s claim that Facebook has dominant market shares in the U.S. personal social networking market and has the power to rule out competition. The case seeks a court order to settle Facebook’s acquisitions from Instagram and WhatsApp.

The case is U.S. Federal Trade Commission v. Facebook Inc., 20-3590, District Court of Columbia District.

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