Mon. May 23rd, 2022

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has determined that Amazon illegally fired former employee Decoan Smith for trying to assemble warehouses in Staten Island, New York. Smith, one of the founders of the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) Expulsion In October 2021. The party filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the NLRB after his dismissal, alleging illegal retaliatory firing against the company in support of Smith. Now, accordingly Bloomberg, The board has found eligibility in the group’s complaint and plans to file a formal complaint against the e-commerce giant if the case is not settled.

The Amazon Labor Union is made up of former and current company employees and is an independent group not affiliated with the major national unions. Although the group failed to consolidate Amazon’s perfection centers on Staten Island last year, it did Refill an application With the NLRB in December – a hearing on that request is scheduled for next month.

Smith was not the only ALU organizer to be fired by Amazon. ALU President Chris Small also lost his job in 2020 after he walked out of Amazon’s JFK8 facility over the management of the COVID-19 security e-commerce giant in the warehouse. Amazon then explained that Smalls “received multiple warnings for violating social distance guidelines.”

The organization is strongly anti-union and once said Engadget It does not say in a statement that “unions are the best answer [its] Employees. “It adds:” Every day we empower people to find ways to improve their jobs, and when they do, we want to make those changes – faster. This kind of continuous improvement is difficult to do quickly and flexibly with the unions in the middle. ” Agreement with NLRB In December, however, Amazon agreed to inform employees that they have the legal right to join, form or support a union through its mobile app and internal website, in addition to notices posted at work.

As Bloomberg Explaining, the agency brings complaints to judges when it finds eligibility in claims made by NLRB employees. One of the board’s top prosecutors, Jennifer Abruzzo, said she would seek a court order to reinstate employees who were “aggressively” illegally fired. ALU Vice President Derrick Palmer, who was chained by Amazon to join the Small’s Cavid-19 protest, said that reinstating Smith would be a huge support for the party: Tell the truth and let the staff know it’s okay to talk. “

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