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Nicholas Alahverdian, 34, who fled the US to evade prosecution, was arrested in Glasgow after being admitted to hospital with COVID.

A Rhode Island man suspected of imitating his death and fleeing the U.S. to evade prosecution in Utah and other states has been arrested in Scotland after being admitted to hospital with COVID-19, authorities said.

Nicholas Alahverdian was discovered after developing a serious case of the coronavirus and being placed on a ventilator at a hospital in Glasgow, Rhode Island State Police Major Robert Creamer told The Providence Journal on Wednesday.

Alahverdian 34, wanted by Interpol, is now facing extradition to the US on a charge of first-degree rape in Utah in 2008.

Court documents sealed Thursday show Alahverdian met a 21-year-old woman on MySpace in 2008 while living in Orem, Utah, and named Nicholas Rossi, WPRI-TV reported.

The woman said she ended the relationship, but that Alahverdian owed her money, promised to pay her back and instead sexually assaulted her in his apartment.

Utah District Attorney David Leavitt’s office said Wednesday that DNA evidence collected at the time was only tested in 2017 as part of a state effort to test overdue rape sets. The Utah evidence eventually came back as a match with a case of sexual assault in Ohio.

“Investigators have also learned that Nicholas Rossi fled the country to avoid prosecution in Ohio and tried to make investigators and state lawmakers in other states believe he was dead,” Leavitt’s office said in a statement. “Mr. It has been discovered that Rossi lives under a suspected name in Scotland.”

Rhode Island State Police also said he was wanted in that state because he did not register as a sex offender, while the FBI said he was also wanted in his home state of Ohio on charges that he took out credit cards in his foster father’s name and had accumulated more than $ 200,000 worth of debt.

It is not clear if Alahverdian has a lawyer; An e-mail asking for comment was sent to the “Alahverdian Family Office”, which in 2020 sent a notice about his funeral and memorial service at a church in Providence, Rhode Island.

Alahverdian has been an outspoken critic of Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth, and Families for years, testifying before state lawmakers that he was sexually abused and tortured while in foster care.

In 2020, he told local media he had late-stage non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had weeks to live, reports The Journal.

In an obituary published online, he claims he died on February 29, 2020, but by last year, Rhode Island state police, Alahverdian’s former attorney and former foster family had publicly questioned whether he had actually died.

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