Sat. May 28th, 2022

Riot fans Arkan They will have to wait a long time before Advent of animated series. Of these, you can play at least a few matches Fortnite With a new character from the show. Willpower Add sister V to Xenox Battle Royale’s in-game item shop today (January 22) at 7pm ET. You can buy her clothes along with a few themed items including a punching practice emote.

Unfortunately, Vi won’t bring his signature Hextech gauntlets. Instead, the Epic will offer the warden hammer of the Jays, which the company maintains as Vi’s “weapon of choice when its gantlets are being repaired.” If you purchase the skin with the Arcane Vi Bundle, you will also get rad Piltover’s Finest loading screen.

What’s more, if you miss the opportunity to buy When it re-launches in November, you now have another chance to add it to your collection. Epic Xenox will re-list the garment along with the Arken bundle, at the same time adding Vi clothing to the item shop.

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