Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

They were gold miners in French Guiana, inventors of the Cape Cod, and Indian healthcare workers. Although they lived in separate worlds, they had two things in common. Everyone was vaccinated against Kovid-1. And they have all become part of the infection cluster.

In recent weeks, such events have shown that the Covid-1 transmission chain of transmission and supersprending events may even occur. Groups where almost everyone is vaccinated, Raising fears among health officials and raising hopes of a quick return to business as usual in the United States.

In May 2021, the CDC told vaccinated Americans that they could go unsafe, but on Tuesday the agency reversed that. Vaccinated persons should wear masks in indoor public settings.

The reason was what investigators learned from an outbreak in Massachusetts, a coastal town in Cape Cod, which organized an angry parade and a crowded week of pool parties in early July. Since then, health investigators say there have been more than 80,000 cases of Kovid-1 of, including %% of vaccinated people.

The outbreak of Provincial Town was caused by the so-called Delta variant, which is now mostly in the United States. Inside A statement published today“The key finding,” said Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, was that vaccinated people in the delta of the province of Tunis showed just as many viruses in their systems as those without vaccines.

“High viral load suggests an increased risk of infection and raises concerns that, unlike other variants, people with the delta-infected vaccine may become infected,” he said.

The recommendation calls for the rapid return of a layered approach to countermeasures, including masks and social distance, which could also complicate the reopening of schools in the United States starting next month.

Infection in gold mines

Investigations around the world have been producing evidence of outbreaks among vaccinated patients for weeks. For example, a scientific team in Paris and French Guiana Recently described How Covid-19 broke into a gold mine in South America in May, when almost all the miners were vaccinated by Pfizer.

Despite being vaccinated, 60% were infected by a variant called gamma. This surprised scientists so much that they checked to see if the vaccines were damaged in shipping, but they weren’t.

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