Vaccine FOMO is real. Here’s how to deal with it

Inside A study led by Michael Dolly of Washington CollegeThe researchers studied three separate groups awaiting painful uncertainty. They hired Amazon’s mechanical Turkish, recent PhD graduates and job-seeking students, and law graduates who took part in bar exams, and they wanted public feedback on how they received social support.

Surprisingly, most people just wanted someone who answered the phone, listened to their frustrations, or in this case, stood physically 6 feet away in the courtyard, wearing a mask. Maybe.

“Different things work for different people at different moments. A lot of times, we don’t know what we want ourselves, “Sweeney said.” It’s not about supporting good or bad, it’s more about being responsive to someone’s needs at the moment. “

If you don’t get the support you need from your friends and family, be open and honest about what helps and what doesn’t. If you’ve been having this problem that you haven’t been eligible for the vaccine for months, it probably won’t ease your hassle to get a long lecture on how Uncle Wehu first deserved it. “That’s why I didn’t tell anyone on social media when I got the vaccine,” Sweeney laughed. “Judgments like this are not universally acclaimed.”

Find your flow

One of the most effective tips for understanding the pain of painful uncertainty is to look for ways to stop thinking about it. Sweeney’s work has shown that wonder helps a lot in achieving a state. You might be surprised to think of things that make you feel small in the Grand Scheme. Earth is a planet, Or find a random valley to visit.

“Surprise is a complex feeling, but as a result it’s quite powerful,” Cinney said. “It seems to be good in times of uncertainty.”

Admittedly, although some people are more open to the experience of wonder than others. And not everyone can see the need to walk behind them and raise the mood every time Aurora Borealis. Contemplative meditation It has also been shown to be effective in breaking the cycle of anxious, obsessive thoughts, but similarly, not everyone is able or willing to exhale for five to ten minutes from sitting every day.

Perhaps the most achievable way to confuse yourself is to achieve a “state of flow,” as Suyuni explains. The state of flow As a complete immersion in any activity. Think of it as a “zone”. During the flow state, time passes without you noticing and your mind calms down. Trying to get the flow probably took a lot of us Baking bread Early in the quarantine

Almost any activity that requires active engagement can turn into a flow activity. “The best kind of action for this challenges you a bit, but not too much – so you don’t get frustrated, but you don’t get upset, and where you can notice that you’re moving towards the goal you set,” said Sweeney Often a stream can be converted into an activity that fits these parameters, whether it’s cleaning, child care or my quarantine choice, playing video games.

“Suitable for streaming video games,” Sweeney said, “it’s challenging, and it gets tougher as you get better. You are meeting concrete goals. “

Take advantage of yourself

At the moment, waiting for a vaccine seems like an easy task. But it’s not. Waiting without any control over the results.

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