Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

You may need to get the Covid-1V vaccine to fly

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If you have not yet had the opportunity to get the Covid-1 vaccine, here is a good reason to determine your first dose. On Friday, White House Covid-1 response coordinator Jeff Giants hinted that the job could soon become mandatory for those wishing to travel by air in the United States.

Asked at a press briefing whether the biden administration Vaccine or Test order May soon be mandatory for domestic flights, Giants Told reporters That measure could very well be part of “further action” as the White House plans for a coronavirus response in the country.

“Overall, I think we have a very strong track record that shows we’re pulling the levers available for vaccination and we’re not taking any action off the table,” Giants said.

These comments seem to be consistent with the tough tactics taken against the White House Vaccine-hesitant crowds Grouped across the country. Thursday, Joe Biden Announced A six-point plan was meant to prevent a resurgence of epidemics across the country – and a large part of that plan included the vaccine mandate.

Under this new proposal, coronavirus vaccination will be mandatory Most of it Will do business with federal employees, and more than 100 employees Required Either make vaccination mandatory for all their employees Or check those workers weekly. Companies that fail to comply with this rule will, under the proposal, be fined $ 14,000 for each violation – although there will be an additional time for consent.

On top of that, Biden’s plan is included Strict punishment For travelers who disobey the TSA mask order – raising the minimum fine to $ 500.

And really, can you blame the Biden administration for adopting such a harsh strategy? As of this writing, CDC records show States like Alabama and Idaho report less than 0% of their citizens as vaccinated, while Missouri, Texas, And Georgia reports less than 50%. When there is Of course those who can’t get vaccinated Perfectly understandable Because – like minors Or suffer from some autoimmune disease – yes There are many others in this state Avoid jabs for Less than valid Because. Hopefully, Some orders get these ever vaxxers to change their tune.

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