Vacon Coffee Air Brewer Review: Delicious coffee, made with a vacuum

If you look at the design of the Vacon all familiar, because the same company sold almost the same product in 2019 and 2020 Frankon. I also checked that brewery to see if it had a few quirks – the round filter often comes loose and the ring gasket doesn’t always form an air cycle seal inside the cafe. These issues have been fixed in a new design and the machine has been re-launched under this new brand. It’s available directly from the Vac Coffee website, which launched this week, and is available to other e-retailers in June.

Lead designer and founder of the company, Eduardo Umayya was on Wired’s radar for a while. He designed Beautiful analog watch Which we have featured before and he invented a beautiful and fun table lamp When you turn on the flute. Umiya is Colombian, and her co-founder Otto Baker comes from a Guatemalan family that has been growing coffee for five generations. The two have partnered with former World Barista champions Raul RhodesTo start, also from Guatemala Mail-order coffee subscription service For high-end roasts that will start later this year.

I asked Uma to give me the method I used to make coffee in Vacon so that I could use it myself: 20 grams of coffee ground, 250 ml of water heated to 203 degrees Fahrenheit, steep for 75 seconds.

He also recommends using a very fine grinding setting for beans: number setting Garden Enquirer Grinder (Favorite grinder of wire), Which is very close to what you put in an espresso machine. If you haven’t crushed your own beans, or if you have a grinder that doesn’t allow you to adjust the size of the grind, you can use a bagged or canned “espresso grind” in Vacon, which works well.

Interestingly, the use of a fine grinder really cleans the mixture. I was usually using a large sized grind (my Encore 20 number settings) which you usually use in a pour-over-dripper and I noticed that the coffee coming out of the vacuum was a bit cloudy with the poly. I was surprised to find that moving to a much smaller grind resulted in a perfectly clean cup of coffee – more importantly – it tasted even better.

The machine makes cold brew. I had a hard time getting a glass of cold mix from Vacon, but after a squeeze with the crushed-water ratio and steep time (again, with Umair’s guidance) I reached for a better drink. I tried 30 grams of coffee with 200 ml of water and let it stand for about six minutes. It comes out light and bright; Number one from the type of syrup blasting agent you get overnight Cold brewer, But still delicious and ready in a few minutes.

Well grounded

Photo: Vak Coffee

My biggest complaint about Vacon is the cleanup involved. After the wine-making cycle, there are two pieces for washing and one of them (the head unit in the Vacon) has a bandet-cake-like ring under the fine ground coffee at the bottom. You can flip it over the top of the compost pile and bark lightly until the swarms of field come out, but with a few wipes, including a paper towel, and enough left over to run under the faucet, your hands are going to get dirty no matter what. A small complaint is that the maximum amount of coffee you can make in a brew cycle is 14 ounces. This is not a problem for me, because it is my daily limit. But if you drink two or three coffees in your home, you have to work overtime.

The price at দাম 89 felt reasonable – especially with 16 months of generosity against errors. If the carafe breaks or the filter breaks, you can buy replacements (ড 25 for a cafe And $ 8 for a filter), Which is a friendly touch.

Every coffee enthusiast with a mixed setup – especially a fancy coffee grinder and a great kettle with temperature control – should consider adding Vacan to their arsenal. It’s smart, it’s easy to use and it makes a great cup.

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