Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Since 2018, Valve has offered Dota Plus, One per month. 4 Two dAdd-ons include, among other assumptions, deep post-game analysis and access to status. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Now getting something similar. In Patch note For the latest game updates, Valve dedicates a single line to CSK: Go 360 Status, a new $ 1 per month subscription service that gives you access to analytics from your competitive, premiere and Wingman games.

According to a FAQ Marked by Rock paper shotgun, Players can sign up directly to the game for add-ons, but there’s one significant catch: the game will only record your performance while you have an active subscription. It doesn’t put your stats into casual and scrimmage game modes. Presumably, some CS: Go The community is not thrilled by this announcement. They mention that the website is such Opportunity.gg There are free stat tracking and many games that are old CS: Go Let the players see how they have played in the past without giving anything extra.

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