Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Although Usually keeps dates Sales close to the chest until they are almost live, details are usually leaked anyway. This time, though, the valve curve is moving forward. The next three sales have confirmed when.

As spot by , The SteamWorks documentation page Note that Steam Halloween goes on sale this weekend and runs between October 28th and November 1st. The autumn sale will be held from November 24-30. Steam is one of the two biggest sales of the year, along with the platform, for winter sales Summer Edition, You will be able to score a ton of game discounts between December 22nd and January 5th.

Dating in advance is not a bad idea. Steam Connoisseurs know that dates are less important than announcing that sales are coming anyway and which games will be included in advance. If a player knows that the game they want to buy will probably get a hefty discount in a few months, they will be less inclined to buy it now. However, Steam users now know when they will be able to store games for them .

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