Valve’s Steam Game Festival is now Steam Next Fest

Valve has a new name for the Steam Game Festival and its next start date. The Steam Next Fest The company announced on Wednesday that it will launch on June 16th and leave by the 22nd. Significantly, this means it will overlap with parts of this year Probably the all-digital E3. The three-day event is set to begin on June 15th.

Valve says the new name communicates the focus of the event as a multi-day celebration of the “more live” game. They will give you the opportunity to play upcoming games, livestreams and chat with the people behind those projects. Game Award host Jeff Keigley And has since turned into regular fixing on the platform. Including GDC Coming back in July as a hybrid event And Summer Game Fest Coming back again, if you come across a gamer summer, Steam Next Fest is not just a digital show for your attention.

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