Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

E-bike maker Wants to help riders get A to B more quickly with the help of the first high-speed model. The VanMoof V is the company’s first hyperbike, capable of hitting a top speed of 31 MPH (50 km / h).

Vanmoof is identifying it as a car replacement for city life and long commutes. The VanMoof V will have two-wheel drive, thicker tires, a new frame design and front and rear suspension, which can make longer trips more comfortable. Other features include intelligent motor control, a vanmoof turbo boost, a kick lock for keyless locking, automatic gear shifting and anti-theft measures.

Details about the range of the e-bike have not been revealed, but Vanmooff noted that the battery has a capacity of 700Wh. The There is a 504 Wh battery capacity and a promised range of 60-150 km (37-93 miles). The company sells That could increase the range, but it’s not clear if the device will be compatible with the VanMoof V.


Speed ​​limits change in cities and counties, and e-bikes will have integrated speed settings. As it builds the VanMoof V, the company plans to work with legislators and local governments on e-bike rules, including geofencing and speed regulation.

VanMoof plans to start delivering hyperbikes by the end of 2022. The VanMoof V is priced at $ 49, // £ 3,498 / € 3,498. The company is offering invitation invitations only for $ 20 / £ 20 / € 20 starting today, with current customers getting the first dibs. Alternatively, you can join a waiting list . Reservation codes will be sent periodically.

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