Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

When it was released in 2017 VCV rack Quickly hit. The free, open source virtual modular synth with thousands of modules (including the entertainment of popular bodies) has given many of us a way to explore the world of Eurorack without putting thousands of dollars in gear. And now, after a long and difficult road – VCV Rack 2 is almost upon us.

When it launches in November, VCV Rack 2 will include a completely new design of the UI, including a Dark Mode and an advanced browser. That last part is huge because the library of about 200,000 modules is irresistible at least. And maybe you’re going to finish the download Lots Among them. Here you can filter by category or even highlight your most used modules. And you can easily import, export and duplicate module selection.

The big news though, is launching a valid VST plugin so you can use VCV Rack whatever Ableton, Logic, or DAW of your choice. The capabilities of a fully virtual modular synth are not easy to grasp in one plugin. It took time and effort and VCV, along with its founder Andrew Belt, hopes that some people will be willing to pay to keep the project alive. So, while VCV Rack will continue as a free and open source application, the VST plugin will be exclusive to the studio version and will include proper technical support (not just forums).

VCV Rack 2 will be available on November starting price of $ 99. Eventually it will go up to $ 149, but even then it is still cheaper than many virtual devices with much less flexibility.

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