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Venon sits in a building in Venom: Let the BB Carnegie.

To discuss the future of poison.
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Sony has teased it. Official Twitter account I joked about it. And now, after a Huge $ 90 million opening Many fans have seen it. We are talking about the last credit scene Poison: Let the Be Carnegie And, below, we’ll discuss that and you tell us what that might mean.

What does the Venom 2 post-credit scene mean for Marvel's future?

We discussed this in detail over the weekend (Read here), But its long and short Venom Eddie (Tom Hardy) reveals a dimension where Peter Parker exists as Tom Holland. While Venom is fighting the killings and riots in “Venomvers”Now it looks like he’s in, or can access, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where an alien symbiot with all sorts of special abilities would probably be an interested person.

Sony has not teased the Spider-Man / Venom showdown without some idea of ​​when or how it could happen.Shotso The question for the fans is, well, the same. When and how can it happen? The first possible place is Spider-Man: No Way Home, But with what we know (And I think we know) As for that movie, Sony has no way of ruining the showdown with poison as part of a movie. (Poison? One of the many villains in the movie? What a bad idea!) Perhaps when this MCU multiverse is somewhat better defined we are probably looking at an unknown future movie. That’s a Poison 3, Spider-Man 4, Or another title Perhaps still for debate.

Then there are the deeper, more interesting questions about what would happen if this poison met that Spider-Man. In comics (and others) Some movies of dubious quality), Eddie’s role as host of the Venom Symbiot comes from Spider-Man-after all, it’s the symbiot that initially binds him to Peter Parker. That connection, and Eddie Brock’s professional connections with Peter Parker, created two deadly enemies. Strange that won’t happen now, especially since Hardy’s Venom … a good man, anyway? At least in this universe, teaming up with Spider-Man makes him feel more in terms of character than fighting him.

Okay, so wseeds All the seeds are spinning in your head, now it’s your turn. When and how do you think Spider-Man and Venom will look, tell us below, because this is definitely happening.

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