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Venom races in a one-night action sequence from Poison: Let the BB Carnegie.

Poison probably should not be taken No Pills, really.
Pictures: Sony Pictures

The reality of the film industry is that gathering around certain centers, sometimes, during the filming process, one project goes against another. It is Is A little weird when such a crossover turns it into the final movie.

The same has happened with the recent releases Andy Sarkis’ Poison Order, Let the Be Carnegie. Within a moment from Tom Hardy’s Eddie and the titular symbiotic San Francisco night-drowning movie, a few helicopters appear in the sky behind them, leaving viewers thinking they are deliberately looking for poison and Eddie. As it turns out, they were caught on camera by the crew while filming the scene … and they were probably looking Neo and Trinity Instead Let the Be CarnegieIts heroic duo.

“A lot of things have affected the filming. Because our driving shots have gone too far The Matrix All city centers are controlled, “, PoisonIts location manager Christopher Cusiak said Screen San Francisco, where the location of the film struggles shooting Lana Wachowski’s expected return Per The Matrix The universe was simultaneously filming. “We ended up moving a stunt to the top of the parking garage because we couldn’t get to the area we wanted. The uterus. But if we had been there before, it would probably have gone the other way.

It was actually included in the end, though involuntarily, got some Matrix resurrectionFilming in the background Let the Be Carnegie. “It simply came to our notice then The Matrix Movies, ”Cusec continued. “The uterus We were filming at the same time so we were filming some of their activities on camera.

Will have to wait until Resurrection Released in December Helicopters were there to see if they were actually in the picture, or just for shooting – but if so, that’s probably not the first thing you ask for. Poison: Let the Be Carnegie There is a big, Johnny movie crossover. Well, multiple.

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